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  1. Addition Chart 3
  2. A summary of the Addition tables.
  3. Addition Combination Strips - All the combinations from 1 + 1 to 9 + 9 written on separate slips and kept in a box.



  1. Directress invites the child to choose a work place on the table, leads him to the shelf and introduces him to the Addition Chart 3.
  2. Directress then brings the materials to the selected working place.
  3. The Directress shows the child how to take a slip and to find the answer to the question on the slip, for example 7+ 4.
  4. First, find Number 7 on the top row of the board and then find number 4 on the side of the board.
  5. Place your fingers on the two numbers and then move, sliding down and along to the meeting point, i.e. 11.
  6. Record the answer.
  7. Put the slip away, face down and take another slip from the box.
  8. Work through a few more examples.

Control Of Error

The structure of the material controls the answers.

Points Of Interest


  • To give the child more practice with number combinations, and help him to memorize the addition tables.


The child takes each slip from the box, finds the answer and then puts the slip in the lid of the box so that he does not repeat it. He can record the answer or just memorize it. The answer may be checked on the summary of the addition tables or an answer provided on the back of each slip.


Addition Combination Strips
Addition Chart 3