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Exercise 1:

  • 10 red verb cards
  • 10 pink adverbs

Exercise 2:

  • 3 red verb cards
  • 20+ pink adverbs



Exercise 1: Logical Agreement Between the Action and Ways of Doing it

  1. The child lays the ten verb cards in a column, reading them as she goes along.
  2. Group lesson: the adverb cards can be passed out to the children.
  3. If a child is working alone, the adverb cards are randomly placed face up off to the side.
  4. Who has (or can find) the adverb that goes with ______ (read the first verb).
  5. The child reads the combination to see if there is logical agreement, i.e. dance gracefully.
  6. If one adverb is left, rearrange them until all agree logically.
  7. When the columns are complete, the child reads all of the phrases.
  8. It is important that the children understand all of the words used.
  9. If necessary the chld may refer to the dictionary.
  10. On a different occasion the adverbs may be randomly placed in the column and then read.
  11. This is for the child's amusement, as well as reinforcing the understanding of logical agreement.
  12. The child may write the phrases in his journal, copying the cards, or using just one list to compose the other.

Exercise 2: One Action and Many Adverbs

  1. The child reads the three verbs and lays them in a row.
  2. The adverbs are distributed to the group.
  3. In turn each child reads one and matches it to one of the verbs, reading the phraseshe has created.
  4. It is important to use many diverse adverbs, even some difficult ones.
  5. Again discuss the meanings to be sure the child understood.
  6. The children may act out the phrases they have created to reinforce the concept of the adverb.
  7. The actor may choose a verb and act out the adverb with the others guessing the adverb from the action.
  8. The child may choose a verb and several accompanying adverbs to answer how, when, where.

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