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  • Box of objects - some singular and others plura
  • A label for each object (use the, a and an)
  • Samples of advertisements


This is a group presentation.


  1. The objects are brought out on the table.
  2. The directress asks for an object of which there is only one: the plate.
  3. The directress asks for an object of which there are several: the bead.
  4. The child gives one to the directress- "I don't want this one".
  5. The child tries again. How many beads do we have? How many plates?
  6. Directress says: "When I asked for the plate, it was easy because there is only one. But when I asked for the bead, you didn't know which one was righ"t.
  7. "When there is more than one of something, I should say: a bead. When I have only one of something I can say: the house".
  8. "How would I ask for this object? The shoe".
  9. "How would I ask for one of these? An elephant.", and so on.
  10. The objects are on a distant table. The directress gives each child a label and the child brings what is indicated, reading the label when he/she returns.
  11. "Because you have brought a button, I know there must be more than one on the table".
  12. "This must have been the only hat because you have brought the hat".
  13. "We know that names of objects are called nouns".
  14. "These little words: a, an, the are called articles".

Control Of Error

The Directress.

Points Of Interest


  • To give a very strong impression of each function of speech.