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  • List of words approximately 6 to 10 on a card. The words are a mixture of longer phonic words and can give practice in reading different letter patterns.


Example words: desk, disk, risk, dusk, musk, husk, tusk, ...etc. Other words to be selected from the Morris - Montessori Word List - Blue Level.
This is an individual presentation to be carried out on the table. (Note: full work cycle to be observed).


  1. The Directress places the Blue reading list in front of the child and points to the first word on the top of the list.
  2. Invite the child to read the word aloud and remind them to blend silently.
  3. The child reads through all the words on the list.

Control Of Error

Directress directed.

Points Of Interest


  • Practice reading longer phonic words.
  • Extend reading vocabulary.