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  1. Unlimited Golden Beads.
  2. A complete set of Large Number Cards.
  3. Trays and pots for carrying beads.
  4. Operational mat.
  5. A floor mat.



  1. Directress can do this exercise with a group of children as a group activity. Invites the children to take the Large Number Cards from the shelf and to lay out the cards on the floor mat.
  2. Meanwhile, the Directress sets up the 'bank' and lay out the operational mat on a separate table.
  3. The children take turns. The Directress picks up some beads, places them on the tray and gives it to the child.
  4. The child is required to place the beads on the operational mat, counting them as she places them in order. The child starts by counting and placing the units first, "1, 2, 3,..., 10".
  5. When she reaches 10, she exchanges the 10 units with a ten bead bar on top of the 'Ten' column, and proceeds with the rest of the units. She needs to count them as she places them on the mat. Each time she reaches 10, she must change it with a ten bead bar from the bank.
  6. When she has finished with the units, she proceeds with the ten bead bars. She pulls down the ten bead bar placed on top, counting it, '1 ten, 2 tens,...' As she places the ten bead bars on the mat. When she reaches '10 tens', she takes the ten bead bars and changes it to a hundred square from the bank. Similarly, she places the hundred square on top at the 'Hundred' column, and proceeds with counting the rest of the ten bead bars. Each time she reaches ten tens, she must replace them with a hundred square.
  7. When she has finished with the ten bead bars, she proceeds in the same manner for the hundred squares, replacing ten hundred squares with a thousand cube.
  8. When all the beads are placed, the total number is noted and the child is asked to get the cards of the quantity placed. The cards are placed beside the beads.

Control Of Error

Directress guided.

Points Of Interest


  • To teach the child to form a number from an unlimited quantity of beads. Note that the child still only has to be able to count up to 10.