Colored bead stair

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Colored Bead Stair.jpg




  1. A set of Colored Bead Bars ranging from one to nine beads threaded on wire.
  2. A small felt cloth to be placed on the table.



  1. Directress places the short bead stair at random on a small felt cloth.
  2. Directress then shows the child how to build the beads into a triangle.
  3. She counts and places the beads in the form of a triangle.
  4. She shows hoe to build for the first 3 bead bars and then invites the child to continue.

Control Of Error

The bead bars are of fixed quantities.

Points Of Interest

The child takes out the Short Bead Stair and builds a triangle, counting the beads as he does the exercise.


  • To introduce the child to this material in preparation for either the Seguin Boards or the Addition exercises.


To reinforce the colors of each number, The Directress may play the game of picking up two Bead Stairs. She holds one in each hand, and putting her hands behind her back and, then saying to the child "I have a Bead Stair in my left hand and it is red, how many beads are they?"

"In my right hand the beads are purple, how many beads are there?",.. etc. until the child can remember the colors of the Bead Stair.