Combining quantity and symbol

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Quantity and Symbol 1.jpg




  1. 9 Golden Beads.
  2. 9 Ten Bead Bars.
  3. 9 Hundred Squares.
  4. Up to 9 Thousand Cubes.
  5. A complete set of cards.
  6. Trays and pots to carry units.
  7. Operational mat.



  1. Directress can do this exercise with a group of children as a group activity. 
  2. She invites the children to take the large number cards from the shelf and to lay out the cards on the floor mat.
  3. Meanwhile, Directress prepares the 'bank', and lays out the operational mat on a separate table.
  4. The children take turns.
  5. Directress gives the child a tray ans asks the child to pick up a large number cards of the number for e.g. "1 Thousand, 3 Hundred, 2 Tens and four".
  6. The child will go to the cards, pick up the requested cards and then go to the bank and pick up the required quantity of beads.
  7. The child brings the tray to the operational mat on the table, place the Golden beads on the operational mat as she counts and checks them.
  8. The large number cards are placed at the side.

Control Of Error

Directress guided.

Points Of Interest


  • To give the child practice in associating the quantity with the written symbols using the cards and beads.