Consonant Puzzle Box

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  • Pictures containing different initial consonants, pasted on small pieces of cardboard.
  • Initial consonant printed on bottom of each card.
  • Card is cut apart as in a jigsaw puzzle.


Medial Vowel: Follow same procedure as with Initial Consonant exerxise only emphasize the Medial vowel.

Final Consonant: Follow same procedure as with Initial Consonant exerxise only emphasize the Final consonant.

Matching Capitals to Small Letters: Have puzzles with capital letter on one side. Cut so it becomes a puzzle child has to match.
Divide into 6 drawers (4 letters each plus control cards).


  1. Child separates pictures and letters.
  2. Place pictures in horizontal colum across top of desk.
  3. Name each picture, stress initial consonant, then find that consonant and connect puzzle.
  4. Mix up and let child repeat exercise.

Control Of Error

  • Material itself has control of error built in, because the jigsaw puzzle doesn't fit together if put together wrong.
  • The directress.

Points Of Interest

  1. The pictures.
  2. Fitting the pieces together like a puzzle.


  • To develop auditory and visual discrimination of initial consonants.
  • To provide drill and reinforcement of consonant sounds.


Have small pictures cut from workbooks, etc., scissors, paste, crayons, small pieces of paper. Have child paste a picture on each piece of paper. Color. Write initial consonant below each picture. Have child cut apart as jigsaw puzzle.