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Division Board.jpg




  1. Unlimited Golden Beads.
  2. Large Number Cards.
  3. At least 2 sets of Small Number Cards.
  4. At least 2 trays and unit pots fro carrying.
  5. An operational mat.
  6. A floor mat.



  1. This is a group activity. Invite the children to lay out the Large and Small Number Cards on the floor mat.
  2. Directress sets up the 'Bank' and lays out the Operational mat on a separate table.
  3. The Directress sets the question, e.g. 2682/2.
  4. Directress places the beads and the corresponding Large Number Cards for 2682 on the operational mat.
  5. Two children are each given a tray.
  6. The Directress begins to divide the beads exactly between them, starting with the thousands.
  7. When Directress has finished doing that, the children are asked to count the number of beads on their tray and to fetch the corresponding Small Number Cards.
  8. The children will then realize that they have the same amount of beads.
  9. Directress then explains to the children, "Division is like subtraction, but this time we take away all and divide equally" and the answer to the question is whatever quantity is left on the tray.

Control Of Error

Directress guided.

Points Of Interest

For the first time, Directress does the presentation and division. Subsequently, the child may be allowed to do the dividing.


  • To give the child a concrete experience of division.