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  1. Division Board.
  2. 81 Green beads.
  3. 9 Green Skittles.
  4. Division tables to work.
  5. Summary of division tables up to 81.
  6. Mix sum cards (stage 1-3).



  1. Directress introduces the child to the Division Board and selects a division table to work with. For the first question, 24/9, Directress takes 9 skittles and says, "These 9 skittles represent 9 children". And she places the skittles along the top of the board.
  2. Then Directress asks the child to count 24 green beads, and asks him to divide the 24 beads to 9 children. At the end, the child will find that he could not divide the beads equally. After distributing 2 beads each to a child, the remainder 6 beads could not be divided equally. Hence, we move the remainder 6 beads down to the bottom of the board and explain to the child that 24 divided by 9 is equal 2 remainder 6.
  3. Remove 1 on the skittle and now we have 8 skittles. Ask the child to divide the 24 beads now. The child will find that each skittle (child) has 3 beads. Hence, 24 divided by 8 is equal 3.
  4. Encourage the child to work through the Division Table.

Control Of Error

The skittles and the holes act as control of error.

Points Of Interest


  • Provide concrete experience of division using a divisor up to 9.