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  • A basket.
  • Six pairs of material ranging from silky smooth to very textured.


This is an individual presentation.


  1. Take the basket containing the fabrics to the table.
  2. Remove the most textured fabric from the basket.
  3. Hold the fabric at the top and stoke it from top to bottom.
  4. Let the child repeat the stroking.
  5. Now remove the smoothest fabric and let the child stroke it.
  6. Remove the other smoothest fabric and ask the child to stroke it.
  7. If the child recognizes the similarity, show him how to pair the fabrics. If not, continue with the next fabric.
  8. Remove the other most textured fabric and have the child stroke it.
  9. Again, if the child recognizes the similarity, have him pair them.
  10. Mix all four fabrics and let the child stroke and pair them with his eyes open.
  11. Suggest he does it again, but this time with his eyes closed.
  12. When the child masters the extremes, introduce a middle pair.
  13. Mix all six fabrics and have the child pair them, first with his eyes open and then with his eyes closed.
  14. Continue adding one pair at a time in the above manner.
  15. Continue as long as the child is interested.

Control Of Error

  • Visual.

Points Of Interest


  • To aid the child to become conscious of fine distinctions between rough and smooth.