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  • White flash cards, bordered in pink. The first words to introduce at this Level; are those that are needed to complete phrases and sentences.


This is an individual presentation to be carried out on the table. (Note: full work cycle to be observed).
Words that are commonly used in sentences such as: a, is, the, as, to, of, his, has, and, then, he, she, ... etc.
These are words that can not be sounded out and must be learned through sight recognition.


  1. The Directress selects two or three flashcards with words that will be introduced in phrases for later exercises.
  2. She uses the Three period Lesson to introduce the words to the child.
  • 1st period: "This is ..., ..., ..."
  • 2nd period: "Show me ..." (shuffles the card and place on table)
  • 3rd period: "What word is this?" (Start from the last one shown in 2nd. period)

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest

The child is usually able to recognize these new words within phrases and sentences because of the words by reading through the cards.


  • Introduce sight words.