Grammar Symbols: Introduction to Nouns and Verbs

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  • Noun Pyramid
  • Verb Sphere
  • Noun Card
  • Verb Card
  • Index Cards (or other type of paper to write nouns and verbs on)



  1. Directoress rolls the sphere and allows the child to roll the sphere, while discussing the connection between the rolling and the concept of an action. "Verbs have energy."
  2. Directoress attempts to roll the pyramid and shows that it does not. The directoress shows how the pyramid is stable due to the flat sides and presents the idea of a concept of a noun being something that is more stable.
  3. Directoress presents two dimensional representation of nouns and verbs with the noun and verb cards.
  4. Directoress allows children to define their own list of nouns and verbs.
  5. Directoress allows children to act out verbs and discusses that you really can't act out a noun such as a horse, but you can act out a horse running. This leads to better understanding of the connection between a noun and a verb and demonstrates the difference between the two.

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest


Direct Aim

  • Present the idea of a verb (action)
  • Present the idea of a noun

Indirect Aim:

  • To present the abstract concept of grammar in three dimensions so that the child can understand it better.