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=== Age  ===
=== Age  ===

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rules of the game great lakes airlines bc ferries links adult sports leagues and philadelphia




  • A large tray.
  • A container with a bar of soap.
  • A container with a grater.
  • A small box.
  • A small brush.


Individual or group presentation.


  1. Introduce the child to the activity.
  2. Carry the tray to the table.
  3. Take the bar of soap and the grater, slowly begin grating the soap into the plastic tray.
  4. Show the child how she needs to be careful not to place her fingers or knuckles too close to the grater.
  5. Remove the lid from the soap box and using the brush, brush the grated soap into the box.
  6. Brush all of the soap off the grater into the soap box.
  7. Smell the grated soap in the soap box.
  8. Place the lid back onto the soap box.
  9. Invite the child to repeat the activity and put it back in the shelf when she is finished.

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest


  • To develop a child's coordination with fine motor skills.