Initial Consonant Exercises

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  • Rug or table.
  • Set of drawers. Each drawer containing 2 consonants and objects or pictures begining with those sounds. Letters are taught in the sequence listed under the Sound Table exercise.



  • Bring one drawer to the table or rug.
  • Take out consonants from box and place each on table.
  • Point to the one on the left and ask child, "What sound does this one make?"
  • Repeat each sound.
  • Directress takes the object out of the box, ask child, "What is this?".
  • Unless it is obvious directress tells them what it is.
  • Directress asks child if he can hear the beginning sound.
  • Try to get the child to repeat the name of the object or picture to see if the child recognizes the beginning sound.
  • Ask, "Does it starts with the sound 'b', or 'm'?" Child responds.
  • Directress places it under appropriate letter sound.
  • Continue until all objects are sorted.
  • After the first, allow the child to place under appropriate letter.

Control Of Error

  • The Directress.
  • Words printed on the reverse side of picture cards.
  • Pictures or objects should be in a row underneath the corresponding initial consonant.

Points Of Interest

The pictures and objects in the drawers.


  • To refine auditory perception of consonant sounds and medial vowel sounds.
  • To provide representation of spoken word in graphic symbols.
  • To develop visual and auditory memory.
  • To prepare for resding, writing and spelling.


  1. Have many objects (not just beginning with the consonant you are working with) in a basket. Have child go and fetch those objects from the basket that begin with the letter he is working on.