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  1. Consists of three drawers containing green knobbed insets representing 14 basic leaf shapes on yellow background.
  2. Three sets of leaf cards for each insets - heavy, medium and thin outline.



Leaf cabinet:

  1. Directress shows the child how to remove the insets from the leaf cabinet, one drawer at a time.
  2. Place the insets randomly on the floor mat.
  3. The Directress then returns the insets to the appropriate frame, feeling round the inset with her right hand.

Leaf cards:

  1. Work with the leaf cards, starting with the first set with thick outline.
  2. Place the insets on top of the cards, matching them.
  3. When the child is able to match the shapes well, then he can learn the names of the leaf shapes.

Control Of Error

Either in the frame or in the outline of the cards.

Points Of Interest


  • Give the child muscular impression of the leaf shapes.
  • Increase the child's powers of observation.
  • Familiarity with the many leaf shapes found in nature.
  • Extend the child's knowledge of threes.
  • Extend the child's vocabulary (Names of leaves are given).


Take a walk around the garden and collect some leaves. These leaves can be pressed, and use to make matching and pairing cards, or a series of cards to show the way the leaves change with the seasons.
Collect leaves for the nature table.
Collect leaves for art activities (rubbing, printing, ... etc)