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  1. A large wooden box containing "cut out" letters in cardboard. The vowels are in blue and the consonants in red. The letters are script or cursive.
  2. Box of sandpaper letters.
  3. Floor mat.


This is an individual presentation to be carried out on the floor on a floor mat. (Note: full work cycle to be observed)


  1. Exercise 1:  The Directress shows the child how to set up the LMA. Place the base on top of the lid. Directress shows how to remove letters, any letters, and then replaced again in the correct compartment. Encourage the child to handle the letters.
  2. Exercise 2: Set up the LMA as above. Place the box of sandpaper letters just beneath the LMA on the right hand corner. Directress takes one sandpaper letter and asks. 'What sound is this  ?" The child responds and then the Directress encourages the child to find the letter from the LMA that he just sounded. The child removes the letter from the LMA and places it on top or beside the sandpaper letter. Directress then keeps the letter from the LMA and sandpaper letter in their place and repeats with another alphabet.   Note: Starts with easy words such as  f, x and then moves on to more difficult ones such as p, d, q.
  3. Exercise 3: Directress suggests a three letter phonic word such as 'dog'. The Directress invites the child to repeat the word and says 'what sound can you hear in the word d-o-g?', very slowly and deliberately. Encourage the child to say what sound he can hear and find the letter. The Directress helps the child to position the letter on the mat. Invite the child to repeat the word and try to find the rest of the letters in that word. Let the child try building another word, if he wishes.

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest


  • Get familiar with the letters and sound for future exercises.