Multiplication Board

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  1. Multiplication Board.
  2. A box of 100 beads of the same color.
  3. 9 small cards 1 to 10.
  4. Mix sum cards (Stage 1 - Stage 3).
  5. Work Cards with Multiplication Tables.
  6. Summary of Multiplication Tables.



  1. Directress selects a work card, e.g 3 times table.
  2. Directress shows the child how to slot in the small 3 card in the slot provided on the board.
  3. The first question is 1x3.
  4. The red counter is placed on the board and then she counts out 3 beads as she places them on the board under the counter.
  5. The answer to 1x3 is 3.
  6. Directress shows the child where to record the answer.
  7. The next question is 2x3.
  8. So, she moves the red counter to 2.
  9. Then she proceeds to count 3 beads as she places them on the board.
  10. The total number of beads on the board is now 6.
  11. Hence, 2x3=6.
  12. Directress continues to work through the work card.

Control Of Error

The numbers on top of the board and the card placed on the side control the table being worked. The Summary of Multiplication table acts as a control for the child to check his multiplication sum cards.

Points Of Interest


  • To give  the child concrete experience of Multiplication Tables.