Noun and Adjective Game

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Adjective cards;
poisonous, green, clear, beautiful, jolly, white, kind, transparent, soft, tall, cloudy, dear.
Noun cards;
snake, leaf, water, picture, sailor, pen, mother, glass, cushion, giraffe, sky, doctor.


This is an individual presentation (Note: full work cycle to be observed)


  1. Exercise 1: The Directress places the two grey headed cards with the words "Adjectives" and "Nouns" on the table mat. Then she lay out all the Noun cards at random under the "Noun" header card in a vertical line. The Directress then takes the Adjectives cards, one at a time and places them in front of the Noun card, starting from the first card at the top. She invites the child to read both the cards, for e.g. 'green doctor'. When the phrase sounds out of place, then the Directress will move on to the nest noun until the words makes sense. The exercise will go on by rearranging the adjectives till the pair of cards makes  a sensible phrase.   Note: The objective is to show that more than one adjective may describe a noun, and it also helps to reinforce the order of adjective)
  2. Exercise 2: The Directress takes one noun card, say "mother" and the child could try to see how many adjectives can be used, e.g. kind, beautiful, tall, jolly, dear.

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest


  • Further demonstrate the function of the adjective.
  • Show the position of the adjective.
  • Provide reading practice.