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3 - 6 years old


Knobless Cylinders-Four sets of cylinders - 10 in each set



1. This is an individual exercise which may be done either on a table or on the floor on a floor mat.
2. The directress first shows the child how to carry the exercise to the table, holding with both hands.
3.The directress sits beside the child and places one box of cylinders in front of the child.
4. Directress shows how to take the cylinders  out from the box one at a time, holding them at the top with three fingers.
5. Then the directress shows how to grade the cylinders .

Control Of Error

Visual and muscular sense.

Points Of Interest


1. Develop the childs visual perception of dimension
2..Develop the child's coordination of movement and fine motor  control.
3. Prepare the child, indirectly, for mathematics by the giving the child experiences in comparison, grading, and seriation with varying combinations of forty cylinders.
4. Provide basic language, important in mathematics.