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4 1/2-6.


  • 8" x 10" card, divided into squares with a phonetic word printed in each square.
  • Corresponding pictures pasted on separate cardboard, measured to fit inside blank squares.



  1. Child selects one phonetic workpage with matching pictures.
  2. Arrange pictures on top of table in horizontal column.
  3. Directress reads word in first square, then places the corresponding picture above the word.
  4. Continue until all pictures are placed on workpage.
  5. Mix up pictures and let child repeat exercise.

Control Of Error

  • Each workpage is coded with a different color.
  • The corresponding pictures are also color coded.

Points Of Interest

The pictures.


  • To develop ability to combine isolated sounds to form a meaningful word.
  • To help child realize that a writtrn word is a group of sounds represented by symbols (letters).
  • Introduction to reading.