Pink box 5 (Secret box or Mystery box)

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  • Pink box containing pieces of paper, folded twice, each with a three-letter phonic word which are not nouns previously used in the reading boxes.


The words in this exercise are structure words: and, on, in, not, but, up, it, had, did, let, get, got, at, lot. Other words can be selected from the Morris-Montessori Word List Pink Level - Pink Level adjective, verbs and conjunctions.

This is an individual presentation to be carried out on the table (Note: full cycle to be observed).


  1. The Directress places the Pink box 5 with the lid underneath the box, in front of the child.
  2. She introduces the "secret' box by saying very quietly,
  3. "The words in the box are secret words. Don't let anybody hear this".
  4. The Directress then takes one piece of paper in the box, unfold it and read it silently.
  5. She then re-folds the paper and put it aside.
  6. The Directress then invites the child to read the rest of the secret word in the box.
  7. When the child has completed, the Directress may verify the words by asking the child to whisper in her ears the words that the child has read.

Control Of Error

The child is encouraged to read the words from this level box by himself.

Points Of Interest


  • Practice reading three-letter phonic words.
  • Develop the ability to read silently.


The child is encouraged to ask the Directress if he cannot sound out the word by himself.