Plane Figures: Exercise: Find Divergent Lines in the Environment

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  1. Position one stick horizontally on the board.
  2. Use two different guide sticks to position the second stick.
  3. Fix the second stick and set the guide sticks aside.
  4. Place the two happy children at the wide end.
  5. As these two go along, they become closer and closer and happier and happier, knowing that in the end they will meet.
  6. Replace the figures with one-way arrows.
  7. These lines go only in one direction - toward each other.
  8. These are convergent lines. (convergent: Latin con- together, and vergera - to incline)
  9. These lines come from two different points toward each other to one point.
  10. Love stories in geometry, like those in real life can change.
  11. Place extra sticks at the narrow end to see how these line continue in their one direction.
  12. What happens? After the point of convergency, these two lines become divergent.

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest



Find convergent lines in the environment.