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Wikisori Policies and Guidelines

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Wikisori's official policies and guidelines can be summarized as six pieces of the pie that provide the foundation for this project:



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Wikisori is an online resource for Montessorians, focusing on Albums and extensions, Teaching Resources and Parent Resources. Wikisori is not the place to insert personal opinions, experiences, or arguments. Wikisori is not an indiscriminate collection of information. Wikisori is not a soapbox or a freeform advertising platform. Any advertising done on Wikisori must be coordinated with our marketing department.

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Wikisori has a neutral point of view, which means we strive for content that advocates no single right way of teaching a particular work item. Sometimes this requires representing multiple teaching methods, presenting each teaching method accurately, providing context for any given teaching method, and presenting no one teaching method as "the only teaching method" or "the best teaching method." When a conflict arises regarding neutrality, declare a cool-down period and tag the article as disputed, hammer out details on the talk page, and follow dispute resolution.

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Wikisori is free content that anyone may edit. All text is available under the Attribution 3.0 Unported License (A3UL) and may be distributed or linked to accordingly. Recognize that content can be changed by anyone and no individual controls any specific content; therefore, any writing you contribute can be mercilessly edited and redistributed at will by the community. Do not infringe on copyright or submit work licensed in a way incompatible with the A3UL.

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Wikisori has a code of conduct: Respect your fellow Wikisorians even when you may not agree with them. Be civil. Avoid conflicts of interest, personal attacks or sweeping generalizations. Find consensus and avoid edit wars. Act in good faith, never disrupt Wikisori to illustrate a point, and assume good faith on the part of others. Be open and welcoming.

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Wikisori does not have firm rules besides the six general principles presented here. Be bold in editing, moving, and modifying articles. Although it should be aimed for, perfection is not required. Do not worry about making mistakes. All prior versions of articles are kept, so there is no way that you can accidentally damage Wikisori or irretrievably destroy content. Remember, whatever you write here will be preserved for posterity.

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Wikisori strongly encourages active participation, contribution and collaboration. We are all in this together. Take as much as you want, but leave something behind to make Wikisori a little better than you found it.