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  • Dark green box with a number of prepositions written on dark green cards.
  • Color coded reading cards to make a sentence related to two objects.
  • Two objects, such as a dog and a tree, a soldier and a sentry box or a peg and a box.


Use prepositions such as near, under, in, on, behind.

An individual presentation (Note: full work cycle to be observed).


  1. The Directress introduces the preposition box to the child.
  2. The Directress lay out two objects besides each other, for e.g. a peg and a box.
  3. The Directress places the noun cards under the respective objects.
  4. She then helps the child to build a sentence using the colored grammar cards, for e.g. "The peg ______ the box". Invite the child to read the sentence (without the prepositions) and the child will notice that a word is missing.
  5. The Directress explains that the sentence needs one of the preposition in the sentence.
  6. Invite the child to place one of the preposition cards in place and then read the whole sentence,  for e.g. "The peg in the box".
  7. Invite the child to move the object according to what the sentence says.
  8. Repeat this for other preposition cards.
  9. When completed, the Directress discusses the function of the preposition with the child.
  10. "By changing the preposition, we change the meaning of the sentences".

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest


  • Demonstrate the function of a preposition in a sentence.
  • Practice reading.