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  • A vase.
  • A flower.
  • A pitcher of water.
  • A small glass.
  • Strips of paper.
  • Pens.
  • Grammar symbols previously used and the symbol for the preposition.



  1. The directress writes a label for the flower and one for the vase.
  2. The child labels the objects and places the corresponding symbols over the words.
  3. In red the directress writes another label with the preposition in.
  4. The child reads it; the label is placed between the other two labels, and the child reads the whole phrase.
  5. The flower must now be placed in the vase as the label says.
  6. This word in made the flower change its position.
  7. This word is a preposition and its symbol is this little green bridge. 
  8. The bridge was chosen to indicate a union, a close relationship between these two objects.
  9. The objects labels are reversed and read - the green vase in the yellow flower. This does not make sense.
  10. The exercise is repeated with the water and the glass, putting out labels and symbols, the preposition in, and its symbol.
  11. The child pours water into the glass.
  12. The positions of the nouns are reversed but this time, it is possible.

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