Sand Paper Letters And Objects

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  • Objects.
  • Sand Paper Letters.
  • A mat.


Introduce the objects and the Sand Paper Letters.

This is an individual or small group presentation.


  1. Choose 4-6 Sand Paper Letters which a child has been introduced to.
  2. Lay out a mat and position the letters across the top of the mat.
  3. Obtain the corresponding objects and arrange them onto a table across the room.
  4. Point to one of the Sand Paper Letters on the mat and ask the child to trace and say the sound.
  5. Hand the child a small basket and ask him to find an object on the table that begins with that sound, e.g., "m".
  6. When the child returns ask him to name the object before placing it under the correct Sand Paper Letter.

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest


  • To asssist the child in maintaining the initial sound of an object to the Sand Paper Letter.


  1. Choose 10-12 Sand Paper Letters.
  2. On a mat, lay out all of the objects.
  3. Ask the child to choose one item.
  4. Ask the child to walk around the classroom and return with the correlating Sand Paper Letter.
  5. Have the child place the letters beside the object.
  6. Ask the child to name the object and then trace and say the matching letter.
  7. Ask the child to return th Sand Paper Letter and continue the activity with the remaining objects.