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  • Movable alphabet.
  • Rug.



  1. Directress places the rug on the floor and Movable alphabet box on the top right hand corner of rug.
  2. Tell the child that he's going to make words using these letters.
  3. Give child a word, "mat" then sound out the word: "m"   "a"   "t"  and repeat word "mat".
  4. Child listens to word and spelling, then begins to find the letters from the box and place them on the rug (top left hand corner).
  5. Directress guides the child in finding each letter by repeating the sound; (ie., "mat"  --"m", child takes "m" and places it on the rug; "a", child places "a" on rug; "t", child finds "t"  and places it on the rug.
  6. Call out all words in this procedure. Child listens to words and spelling of sounds only.

Control Of Error

The directress.

Points Of Interest


  • Indirect preparation for reading and writing.
  • To develop ability to isolate sounds in a given word.
  • Provide practce in combining isolated sounds to make words.


After a while child is able to sound out or spell words and place them on the rug without the help of the directress. Encourage the child to copy these words in a small writing booklet.