Subtraction Chart B

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  1. Subtraction Chart B (not filled in).
  2. Subtraction Chart A.
  3. Slips on which are written all the subtraction combinations 1 - 18.
  4. Small cards to fill in the blank chart (answer tiles).
  5. Or blank duplicated for the child to fill in.



  1. Directress takes a slip, for e.g. 5-3.
  2. Find the number 5 on the top of the board and -3 at the right side of the board.
  3. Place fingers on the two numbers and slide them along and down to the meeting point.
  4. Place the answer tile in that column.
  5. The child completes the Chart B.

Control Of Error

  1. There is the exact number of answer tiles to complete the Subtraction Chart B.
  2. Chart A acts as a control of error because the answers are stated on it.

Points Of Interest


  • To help the child learn and remember the subtraction tables up to 18.