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Welcome to Wikisori!
At Wikisori our goal is to facilitate collaboration among Montessorians to allow the creation of the collective sum of all Montessori knowledge in one place, available to the Montessori world for free.

Wikisori is an online Montessori Album project built by Montessorians for Montessorians. Wikisori strongly encourages active participation, contribution and collaboration. We are all in this together. Take as much as you want, but leave something behind to make Wikisori a little better than you found it.

We currently have 543 pages of Montessori content. To learn more about Wikisori, visit our About Wikisori page.

Year Organization Date Details
2015 AMs Jan. 20 - Jan. 23 Here are some details about this example Current Event template. The details are dropped into a cell and should be able to be long if needed. Here is some more filler text to make sure this field is long.