The Golden Bead - Teaching the names of the quantities

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  1. 1 Golden Bead Unit.
  2. 1 Ten Bead Bar.
  3. 1 Hundred Square.
  4. 1 Thousand Cube.
  5. 1 Operational mat.



  1. The Directress introduces the column on mat, pointing to each column as she says, "This is Unit, Ten, Hundred, Thousand".
  2. The Directress then introduces the materials, as she places the materials on the respective columns.
  • "This is 1 Unit" (place 1 Golden Unit in column 'U').
  • "This is 1 Ten Bead Bar" (place a Ten Bead Bar in column 'T')
  • "This is 1 Hundred Square" (place 1 Hundred Square in column 'H')
  • "This is 1 Thousand Cube" (place 1 Thousand Cube in column 'TH')

The Directress then uses the Three Period Lesson to teach the child the names of the quantities:
The First Period:
"This is one", "This is one ten", "This is one hundred", "This is one thousand".
The Second Period:
"Show me one ten", "Show me one thousand", "Show me one", "Show me one hundred".
The Third Period:
"What is this?"

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest


  • Teach the names of the quantities.