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Touch Board 1
A rectangular wooden board divided into two halves - one half has a smooth surface and the other half is covered with sandpaper.
Touch Board 2
A rectangular wooden board with four strips of sandpaper increasing coarseness.
A blindfold.


This is an individual presentation. (Note: work cycle to be observed)
The child should wash his hands in warm water first.


Touch Board 1
The Directress shows the child how to feel the two different textures very lightly with the tips pf his fingers from top to bottom. The child may be blindfolded if he wishes. The Directress uses the Three Period Lesson to introduce rough and smooth.

Touch Board 2
The Directress shows the child how to feel the texture and introduce words such as roughest, smoothest, rougher than smoother than, etc.

Control Of Error

With Touch Boards, the child does the exercises with his eyes closed and relies on the sense of touch as a control of error.

Points Of Interest


  • Stimulate the child's interest in texture in the environment by providing sensory experiences.
  • Develop language.
  • Prepare the child for sandpaper letters.