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  • A box containing a selection of different fabrics: silk, cotton, wool and linen, etc. all cuts to exactly the same size. There are two swatches of each of the fabrics for pairing.


This is an individual exercise (Note: work cycle to be observed) The child should wash his hands in warm water first.


  1. The Directress starts with three most contrasting fabrics, sits beside the child and shows the child how to do the pairing exercise.
  2. The child may choose to be blindfolded if he wishes.
  3. The Directress lays out the swatches on the table and mixes them.
  4. She then shows the child how to feel the texture of the fabrics.
  5. Hold the fabric with two hands at the edge, and then feel the texture between the index finger and the thumb.
  6. Then the Directress shows the child how to do the pairing exercise.
  7. She lays out the one set of the fabric in a column in the left side, which we shall call side A and the other set on the right side which we shall call side B as shown.
  8. Then she takes a piece of fabric from side A, feels it, place it down and then try to find the matching ones from side B.
  9. The matched pairs are placed together side by side in the middle between sides A and side B.
  10. For the first time, the child may open his eyes and then later, encourage him to do it blindfolded.

Control Of Error

The child does the exercise with his eyes closed and checks the pairs by looking at the different appearance of the fabrics once the exercise is completed.

Points Of Interest


  • Stimulate the child's interest in texture in the environment.
  • Develop language.


The child pairs the fabrics with his eyes closed.