Bead Bars: Addends Greater than Ten

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  • Ten bars.
  • Colored bead bars.
  • Box of signs for operations.



  1. The child is asked to set up a given addition with addends greater than ten.
  2. At first these should be static operations, i.e. 12 + 14 =
  3. Directress says: "When we have an addition like this, we first add the units, then the tens".
  4. After practice such as this, we go on to dynamic operations, ex. 18 + 25 =
  5. Directress explains to the child: "First we add the units 8 + 5 = 13.
  6. We place a three bar here for the units and keep the ten in mind. We then add the tens; 1+2=3 and one ten in my mind makes four tens, put out four ten bars. The sum is 43".

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest

Addition Chart: may be used here if the child doesn't remember a certain combination.

All of these games are more popular than the other memorization exercises because they are short, and the result is obtained quickly and easily. The children may invent others


  • To practice carrying over memorization of addition combinations.