Beads Practice

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  1. 9 golden Beads.
  2. 9 Ten Bead Bars.
  3. 9 Hundred Squares.
  4. Up to 9 Thousand Cubes.
  5. Trays and pots to carry units.
  6. Operational mat.



  1. First, the Directress prepares the "bank": a place where all the Golden Beads are placed.
  2. Then she lays out the operational mat on a separate table.
  3. The Directress invites a few children to do this excessive together.
  4. She gives each child a tray.
  5. The Directress then asks the child to bring her a quantity of Golden Beads, for e.g. by saying "Can you get me 2 hundred and one ten bead bar?".
  6. Start from simple to more complex figures such as, "Can you get me 2 thousand, six hundred, three tens and four units?".
  7. The child goes to the bank, collects the quantity of beads asked and gives it to the Directress.
  8. Directress takes the beads and places it on the operational mat as she counts them.
  9. "1 Thousand Cube, 2 Thousand Cube, 1 Hundred Square, 2 Hundred Square,..., 6 Hundred Square, 1 Ten Bead Bar, 2 Ten Bead Bar, 3 Ten Bead Bar, 1 Unit, 2 Unit, 3 Unit and 4 Unit".

Control Of Error

Directress guided.

Points Of Interest

Although the child is now handling large quantities of beads like 1469, he still only has to count up to 9.


  • To give the child practice in handling the Golden Beads and finding the specified quantities.