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Simple reading books coded-coded. Pictures are on the left and the text describing the pictures in on the right. Longer phonic words and sight words are used following the sequences developed on the blue series exercises. Capital letters and punctuation follow standard orthography.


Words to be selected from the Morris - Montessori word List - Pink and Blue Levels with structure words as necessary for the story.

This is an individual presentation (Note: full work cycle to be observed).


  1. The Directress selects one book and encourages the child to read the storybook aloud, blending the sounds for unfamiliar words.
  2. The child may read another book if he wants to.

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest

If the child does not recognize a word, encourage the child to say the individual letter sounds, to blend the sounds and read the word. Encourage the child to reread the sentence for fluency and meaning.The child usually corrects his own mistakes because he never expected to read a word that cannot be sounded phonetically except for sight words. New sight words might be introduced.


  • Develop reading skills.
  • Extend reading vocabulary.
  • Provide meaningful reading experiences.


There should be about six books at this level. Display it separately on the shelf to attract the children to it. Do not place them in a stack on the shelf. Change it frequently.

The child should be encouraged to read to a friend and to take the book home to share with family members.