Blue Phrase Strips

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  • Blue Phrase Strips, each with a picture on the left and a phrase. Each phrase has an article and two or more longer phonic words.


Example phrases: "the soft plum", "a long string", "a black umbrella", ... etc. Other words to be selected from the Morris - Montessori Word List - Blue Level.

This is an individual presentation to be carried out on the table (Note: full work cycle to be observed).


  1. The Directress selects one strip and places it in front of the child.
  2. She points to the first word and reminds the child about the sight word he has done.
  3. Encourage the child to read the whole phrase for fluency and meaning.
  4. If the child does not recognize a word, encourage the child to sound out the individual letter, blend and read the word.
  5. The child may read another strip if he wants to.

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest

If the child does not recognize a word, encourage the child to say the individual letter sounds, to blend the sounds and read the word. Encourage the child to reread the phrase for fluency and meaning. The child usually corrects his own mistakes because he never expected to read a word that cannot be sounded phonetically except for sight words.


  • Practice reading a series of words fluently.
  • Gain meaning from reading.
  • Practice reading sight words.


Leave a variety of Phrase strips on the shelf. Place it separately on the shelf to attract the children to it. Do not place them in a stack on the shelf. Change it frequently.