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Cards 1 to 9 in green, 10 to 90 in blue, 100 to 900 in red, 1000 to 9000 in green.



  1. This can be done as a group activity.
  2. Directress invites the children to the shelf to bring out the large number cards.
  3. She asks them to lay out the cards in sequence on the floor mat.
  4. The children can take turns to do this.
  5. The child is given a tray.
  6. The Directress then asks the child to bring her a number, "Can you bring me 2 tens and 2?".
  7. The child takes the tray, collects the cards required and gives it to the Directress.
  8. Directress superimposes the zero and we have '22'.
  9. The children can be asked to bring in numbers beginning with quantities from one place value, followed by combined quantities from all places, e.g.: 5 units; 4 tens; 7 hundreds; 6 hundreds and 3 tens; 2 thousands, 4 hundreds, 8 tens and 4.

Control Of Error

Directress guided.

Points Of Interest


  • To give the child practice in recognizing the written symbols.