Care of Pets

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This can be done as a group presentation.


  1. Directress gathers the children together in a group, sitting in a circle. She shows the children how to take care of pets.
  2. Firstly, define pets. Can a tiger cub be a pet? Can a crocodrile be a pet?
  3. The Directress may have an aquarium with fishes in it on a table.
  4. The Directress shows the children how to feed the fishes.
  5. Tell them the consequences of not feeding and overfeeding.
  6. Talk about some common pets and discuss about the ways to care for pets. For example, cats, birds, ..., etc.
  7. Show them how to feed the pet and to clean them.
  8. Discuss about the kind of food they eat.

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest


  • To teach them the care of the environment.
  • To let the child have a sense of belonging.