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  • A tray
  • Apparatus to be placed on the tray, starting from something simple, not breakable like a book, a wooden block...etc to something breakable like a cup, a bottle...etc and then to more difficult items like a cup filled with water, ...etc.


This can be a collective presentation.


  1. The Directress invites all the children to sit on a chair, listen and watch carefully.
  2. The Directress shows how to carry a tray: Put two hands at the sides of a tray with the thumbs firmly at the edges of the tray, and carry it.
  3. Now, walk from one end to the other, holding the tray steadily.

Control Of Error

Directress directed exercise for the materials on the tray, e.g. a box of beads or a cup of water. If the tray is not balanced properly, it will topple and the beads will fall off. If the tray shakes, water from the cup will spill.

Points Of Interest


Direct aims:

  • To teach children how to carry a tray and subsequently to carry a tray with things on it.

Indirect aims:

  • Teaches coordination of the eyes, hands and legs.
  • To develop hand movement, order, balance and concentration.


Try balancing other apparatus on the tray and ask the children to carry the apparatus on the tray, walking from one end to another.