Change Toilet Paper Roll

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Mounted Toilet paper holder with duct taped replacement roll




  • Empty toilet paper roll.
  • New toilet paper roll secured (See above picture)
  • Mounted roll hanger.




  1. Invite the child to the lesson with enthusiasm.
  2. Introduce the lesson as “This is called Replacing a Toilet Paper Roll”.
  3. Carry it to the table gently and remark on putting it down without a sound. 
  4. With exaggeration show the child how to pull the spindle to the side to make it smaller.
  5. Tilt empty roll up and point out how the spindle fits into a hole. 
  6. Remove empty roll from the spindle and replace with full roll.
  7. "We have to get the end in the hole it came out of, watch me”
  8. Show holding spindle and pushing against spring, point at opposing hole and show it engaging.
  9. Pull on taped roll to be sure it is engaged securely.
  10. Say “lets put the empty roll back on for our next friend to take a turn”
  11. Offer the child a turn.
  12. Carry work gently back to the shelf.

Control Of Error

Tactile – Roll will come out if not secured in notches.

Points Of Interest


  • Basic skill building.
  • Teach independence.
  • Build self confidence.