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  • A pair of shoes.



  1. Explain to the child that we have to change our shoes because of different occasion or because of our culture.
  2. For example, we have to change from indoor slippers to outdoor slippers or shoes when we want to go outside.
  3. Show the different ways of taking off shoes.
  4. If the child is wearing the slip on type shoes, then tell the child to tilt the heels, and pull out with their hand.
  5. If the shoes are those with Velcro hold, then show them that they need to take off the Velcro attached on, by pulling the Velcro strap apart, then tilt heel and pull out with the hand.
  6. For shoes with shoelace, the child will have to loosen their shoelace first, by pulling the shoelace ends to loosen the knots, then tilt the heel and pull out with the hand.
  7. For the button strap, unbutton it by pulling the strap near the button, with the thumb of one hand just beside the button top and pulling the strap near the button with the thumb and index fingers of the other hand.
  8. Tilt the heel and pull the shoes out with the hand.

Control Of Error

Directress guided.

Points Of Interest


Direct aims:

  • To teach the child how to change shoes.

Indirect aims:

  • To develop the child's eye hand coordination.
  • To develop the child's fine motor control.
  • To develop the child's concentration.
  • To develop the child's independence.
  • To satisfy the child's need for order.