Coloring Salt

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  • A large tray.
  • A small bowl with salt.
  • A tablespoon.
  • A bowl with a indication line.
  • A cloth.
  • A small jar.
  • Colored sticks of sidewalk chalk.
  • A funnel.


Individual or group presentation.


  1. Introduce the activity to the child.
  2. Carry the tray to the table.
  3. Using a tablespoon, remove some salt from the bowl and pour it into the empty bowl up to the indication line.
  4. Put the tablespoon back on the tray.
  5. Pick up a colored chalk, put it in the bowl, and then grind the chalk into the salt with a twisting motion.
  6. Continue grinding until the salt resembles the colored chalk.
  7. Using the funnel pour the colored salt into the jar.
  8. Repeat with another piece of chalk.
  9. Pour another layer of colored salt on top of the first.
  10. Invite the child to try the activity.
  11. Continue until the jar is full.
  12. Return all of the material to the proper place on the shelf.
  13. Sweep any remaining salt off the table.

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest


  • To develop coordination.