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A globe. The land mass is painted in colors to identify the different Continents: north America - Orange, South America - Pink, Antarctica - White, Asia - Yellow, Australasian - Brown, Africa - Green, Europe - Red.


This can be an individual or group presentation.


Directress explain that on this globe, land is divided into Continents, which are represented by different colors.
Count the number of different colors and explain that there are 7 different Continents.
Name the color and the respective Continent, one by one. Invite the child to trace the outline of the Continents. Talk a little about each of the Continents, for e.g. "Asia is the largest Continent", "Europe is the Continent where we live", ...etc.

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest

Later, the Continent Globe can also be used to teach the names of the Oceans.


  • Introduce the child to the concept of the Earth being divided into Continents.
  • Give the child the concept of the shapes and landmasses.
  • Introduce the names of the Continents.
  • Introduce the Continent where the child lives.