Dressing Frame: Buttoning

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Two flaps of cloth with four buttons and four corresponding buttonholes, on a wooden frame.


This is an individual presentation.


  1. Directress shows the child how to undo the button. Starting from the top, she holds the edge of the buttonhole with the left hand's thumb and index finger. Tilt and push the button through the buttonhole half way through. Repeat for all the buttons.
  2. Starting from the top, push each button out of its buttonhole completely.
  3. When she has undone the buttons, the Directress folds back the two flaps so as to clearly demonstrate to the child that the function of the buttons is to hold two pieces of cloth together.
  4. The Directress then brings the flaps back together again, starting from the top, shows the child how to do up the buttons.
  5. Hold the button with the left hand's thumb and index finger. Hold the buttonhole edge with the right hand's thumb and index finger, opening the buttonhole gap. Tilt and slip the button through the buttonhole from the bottom till the button emerges to the top. Repeat for all the rest of the buttons.

Control Of Error

There is one hole opposite each button.

Points Of Interest


Direct aims:

  • To teach a child how to do and undo a button.

Indirect aims:

  • To develop the child's eye-hand coordination.
  • To develop the child's fine motor control.
  • To develop the child's concentration.
  • To develop the child's independence.
  •  To satisfy the child's needs for order.