Folding of small table mats along embroidered lines

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  • Table mats with embroidered lines.


This is an individual presentation.


  1. Directress shows the child how to fold a mat.
  2. Directress takes out the first. mat and place it in front of the child.
  3. She unfolds it from top to bottom.
  4. Directress traces along the dotted line with the index finger and folds it back along the lines in this sequence, from bottom to top.
  5. Make sure the edges meet exactly.
  6. Smoothen the mats by pressing along the folded lines from middle to outwards.
  7. Directress then invites the child to repeat the exercise.
  8. Directress may demonstrate on other mats if the child wishes to continue, one at a time.

Control Of Error

The table mats have lines to give guidance.

Points Of Interest

The sequence of unfolding is: from left to right and then top to bottom.
The sequence of folding is: from bottom to top and then right to left.


Direct aims:

  • To teach the child how to fold a square, triangle.
  • To give the mathematical experience of discerning a half and a quarter.
  • To prepare the child for working alone with later materials.

Indirect aims:

  • To develop the child's fine motor control.
  • To develop the child's concentration.
  • To develop the child's independence.
  • To prepare the child's skill for later project work.


May use paper to fold for craft work (origami fold).