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This is a group presentation.


Discuss about how the children can help out in school:

  • Assisting with shoes: older children always seem to enjoy helping younger children to master skills that they have already learnt themselves. The Directress should encourage this sort of cooperation; it is much more productive than if the Directress steps in and takes over.
  • Holding doors open: The Directress should stress the importance of this activity for reasons both of courtesy and safety. Children can hold doors open when groups come in from the garden, etc.
  • Helping someone who has hurt himself: The Directress should teach by example and encourage children to become involved and to show concern, kindness and calm behavior.
  • Sharing heavy load: At clearing up time, the Directress should show the children how to carry tables, etc together.
  • Serving at snack or mealtime. Children should learn to enjoy serving each other graciously.

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest


Direct aims:

  • To encourage the children to be considerate and aware of other people's needs.