History and Grammar - Three Fundamental Tenses

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  • A chart entitled Fundamental Tenses to be hung on the wall.


Below the title are three headings: Past, Present and Future with a red circle above each representing verbs beneath each. Below the circles is a single purple triangle representing pronoun. The rest of the chart consists of three lists of words corresponding to each title.


  1. The use of each of the words is discussed in relation to a pronoun in the first person singular.
  2. "I ate yesterday. " That has already happened; it happened in the past.
  3. "I eat today." That is happening in the present.
  4. "I will eat tomorrow". Tomorrow has not yet come. That will happen in the future.
  5. The three words Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow are written on the chart.
  6. When adding new words, begin with the present, and figure out the past and future in relation to the present

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest

This chart is presented parallel to the next materials in history.


  • To learn the three fundamental tenses.


Make a group of cards for children to work with. Make a chart with time line with a pronoun sitting in the middle. This represents "I" in the present. The child can work with the cards using a verb symbol to move up or down on the time line symbolizing past, present, future. 3 control charts show the verb and pronoun in the past, present and future.