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This is a group presentation.

Horizontal study means to look at one age and compare the fundamental needs of a human during that specific time. This work done after the vertical studies and is especially relevant at the 9-12 level. Each civilization can be looked at specifically, e.g. Roman times for its housing, food, music, art, lighting, etc., etc. This is the child's first detailed research. The horizontal study is personal as it is involved with people.


  1. Put down two or more sets of fundamental needs cards.
  2. Have the child choose one period of time and ask which part interests him the most.
  3. Put a red arrow at this point.
  4. Take away all other cards except this period of time.
  5. Have group work to go through all of the lamps, dresses, vehicles, heating, transportation, etc. for that one period of time.
  6. Now when we look at the horizontal study of 1890, we have a good impression of how humans met their fundamental needs for this period of time.
  7. The deepened study of a particular time's environment is the horizontal study of history.
  8. Suggested time slots for Vertical/Horizontal Studies

Prehistoric Prior to 4000 BC
Early Civilizations 4000 BC-1000 BC
Greek 1000 BC - 146 BC
Roman 509 BC - 330 AD
Byzantine 330 AD - 800 AD
Middle Ages 800 AD - 1300 AD
Renaissance 1300 AD - 1600 AD
Baroque 1600 - 1700 AD
Classical 1700 - 1800 AD Eighteenth Century
Romantic 1800 - 1900 AD Nineteenth Century
Modern 1900 - 2000 AD Twentieth Century
2000 - Future

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