How to Answer the Telephone

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  • 2 standard telephones.


Individual or small group presentation.


  1. Introduce the activity to the child.
  2. Carry the telephones on the tray to the table.
  3. Name the different parts of the phone and their functions.
  4. Pick up one phone and indicate to the child that her  phone is ringing.
  5. Instruct the child to pick up the phone and say "Hello, this is (name) speaking. May I help you?"
  6. On your own phone, indicate that you would like to speak to someone else.
  7. Instruct the child to say "Just one moment please" and gently lay down the handset on the table.
  8. Explain the child that now he would go and get the person wanted by the caller.
  9. Both of you can then place the handsets back on the receivers and continue to roll play different calling situations.

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest


  • To teach a child proper phone etiquette and social skills when answering a telephone call.